No detail was overlooked and no expense was too great in the creation of this bound collection of fine art. This 12" square book was printed by craftsmen in Italy, with over 130 images on 227 pages. It is a great gift to yourself, to your friends & family and to the children who's life it will change. Thank you for your purchase and support.

The Grooms Family

The children on the left are sitting outside of the school that the children on the right are attending because they do not have the money to go to school. These children share a village, but not a future. Your $100 book purchase will change a life.
  How can so little do so much?
  When the average
family makes $1
a day any gift has
a HUGE impact.
  Where does the money go?
  Our goal is to build village schools so the children have an opportunity to break the cycle

of poverty.

  Helping you feel the HOPE!
  Each book will fight global poverty and contribute to humanity. You can

change a life today.